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    Welcome to Cosham Allotments and Gardens Association. In Cosham there are two allotment sites, Salisbury Road with 116 plots, a shop and a toilet and Knowsley Road which has 8 plots. All local gardeners are invited to join Cosham Allotments & Gardens Association and share the benefits we have to offer. Details at the shop on the Salisbury Road site or use the contact us page below.

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Hi All, 
Great Open Day, now for the bonfire! 
As most of you know this is your one chance each year to get rid of your BURNABLE waste, we are not allowed individual fires. BURNABLE waste means dry and woody material, not green stuff which you should compost or dispose of in other ways. And please no plastic bags etc. as thick black smoke gets  complaints from neighbours.

We like to make it into a social occasion, so there will be drinks and a bacon bap. The day is Sunday 4th November, full details on the notice board.
You can bring your stuff down on the morning, I will give more details nearer the time. 
It is hard work tending the fire, so we would appreciate your help on the day. It is a little unfair to bring your stuff down and expect someone else to do all the work in disposing of it, so get down on the day and enjoy yourself.

Thank you, Goff